How Might We Nurture Pockets of Innovation?

At one time, I perceived the concept of "pockets of innovation" as something problematic. But I changed my mind. Over the March break, I read Scaling Up Excellence. It articulated the idea that pockets of excellence don't have to be a symptom of a lack of widespread change - when nurtured, they are actually a [...]

Authentic L2 Communication via Mobile Games

I believe that students are more likely to be motivated to learn something when they have an authentic and immediate purpose for that learning. As a teacher of the French language in a geographical area with relatively few francophones, I have often wrestled with ways to have my students interact with native French speakers. We [...]

Making School Different

I have been reading, with great interest, a series of blog posts on the theme of making school different. Each post lists 5 things that we need to "stop pretending". Thanks to Heather Theijsmeijer, who challenged me today to add my own thoughts. My post risks offending some, though it is not my intent. I've [...]