Integrating Pedagogical Documentation in Junior Grades – Beginning Our Journey

I am beginning a new journey this year as a grade four homeroom teacher. I have been teaching grade four Core French for many years (and will continue to do so) but after having over 400 students/year, I am loving the chance to have more time to get to know a smaller group of students. [...]

Making Learning Optional Makes Learning Better (Google Innovation Academy – Part 3)

There's something that Erica Fox, Google's Director of People Development, said to us that keeps coming back to me. When talking about growing Googlers (aka professional development), she said, "At Google, nothing is mandatory." Wait, what?! Training sessions, even their awesome "noogler" on-boarding process - optional. They will nudge and prompt you to go to relevant [...]

How Might We Make School the Best Place to Learn? (Google Innovation Academy – Part 1)

I recently returned from Mountain View, California, where I was blessed to spend three mind-blowing days at Google's headquarters participating in the Google for Education Innovation Academy. These days were jam-packed with so many takeaways that I've struggled to put it all into words. There will be more blogging to come on various lessons learned but for today, [...]

What *isn’t* learning?

I'm a big fan of putting kids at the centre of their own learning and giving them as much control as possible. By putting students in control, you can get unintended results. Sometimes students start an activity that makes me question if that activity is "school appropriate". Some things are obvious. If it's violent, negative, [...]