Authentic L2 Communication via Mobile Games

I believe that students are more likely to be motivated to learn something when they have an authentic and immediate purpose for that learning. As a teacher of the French language in a geographical area with relatively few francophones, I have often wrestled with ways to have my students interact with native French speakers. We [...]

Using CEFR A1 Goals to Inform Long-Range Planning in Core French

The topic of long-range planning is on the minds of many teachers as we go into the new school year. By request, I am sharing this information here after the topic of using CEFR in a long-range plan came up in a teacher group on Facebook. In Ontario, our new French as a Second Language [...]

Mario Kart in the FSL Classroom

Playing games, both low and high tech, has long been an element in my FSL classroom. Sometimes, "game day" was something I used as a reward for hard work and good behaviour or the occasional change of pace; however, more recently, I have been experimenting with self-directed and centres-based learning and games have become just [...]