Self-directed Learning in Grade 4

My goal this year has been to give students as much of an active role in their own education as possible. For 2-4 periods each day, students have the freedom to learn based on their own curiosities, interests, and strengths. It's an interesting shift as an educator because I'm consistently battling with myself on how best [...]

How Might We Nurture Pockets of Innovation?

At one time, I perceived the concept of "pockets of innovation" as something problematic. But I changed my mind. Over the March break, I read Scaling Up Excellence. It articulated the idea that pockets of excellence don't have to be a symptom of a lack of widespread change - when nurtured, they are actually a [...]

Inspiring Innovation

Twenty-first century education involves questioning a lot of norms and reimagining many of our practices. Things don't have to exist as they always did. But how do we inspire change in an institution that can oftentimes be entrenched in its practices? How can we take a vision and make it become a reality? How do [...]