Inspiring Innovation

Twenty-first century education involves questioning a lot of norms and reimagining many of our practices. Things don't have to exist as they always did. But how do we inspire change in an institution that can oftentimes be entrenched in its practices? How can we take a vision and make it become a reality? How do [...]

Is Googling Cheating?

Every morning, I listen to a radio station as I'm getting ready for work. This particular station plays a trivia game every morning. They ask a really obscure question, play a song, and then take a caller to try to guess the answer. No one ever gets the trivia questions wrong. This morning, after a [...]

Badges: Why It’s Not About the Gamification For Me

Gamification can be a hot topic. It's certainly one of the latest educational tech buzz words. I am currently employing elements of gamification in my Core French and French Immersion classes. I use badges and the badges also are worth points, which accumulate over time. Despite this, I actually don't see gamification as an important [...]

Making School Different

I have been reading, with great interest, a series of blog posts on the theme of making school different. Each post lists 5 things that we need to "stop pretending". Thanks to Heather Theijsmeijer, who challenged me today to add my own thoughts. My post risks offending some, though it is not my intent. I've [...]

Classroom Tour 2015

Last summer, I posted a classroom tour. I had all my technology in place, but besides that, the room was quite empty. Since then, the furniture I ordered last year arrived and my space has been transformed. I figured it was high time for an update. Before picking out anything, I spent a lot of time [...]

Peel 21st Project 188 Post

This week, I contributed a guest post to the Peel 21st Project 188 blog. Each day, a different member of the Peel educational community shares about what they've learned. Below is a repost of what I shared:   Hi! My name is Erica and I am a French and technology teacher at Fairlawn Public School. [...]

My Favourite Tech Tool:

My favourite tech tool from last year was completely revamped during the summer. This post will recap some of what I learned while teaching with last year and explore some of the great new features now available for 2014-2015. This post is also part of the first #peel21st blog hop of the new school [...]

Mario Kart in the FSL Classroom

Playing games, both low and high tech, has long been an element in my FSL classroom. Sometimes, "game day" was something I used as a reward for hard work and good behaviour or the occasional change of pace; however, more recently, I have been experimenting with self-directed and centres-based learning and games have become just [...]