Have the Computer Read to You: Text to Speech on a Mac

Mac computers have some built-in assistive technology features. While traditionally text-to-speech programs have only been used by those students who really need it, text-to-speech is useful to all: Read a document or website aloud to you if you are an auditory learner Read back the paragraph you just wrote - hearing it aloud will make [...]

Mac Tip: Add French as a System Language

All the computers in my classroom have French as their primary language. Students navigate through French menus and get French error messages. When a student uses Garageband, the names of the instruments are all in French. iMovie's trailer templates now have French sentences for students to customize. Using each and every program becomes an immersive, [...]

Typing with Accents on a Mac

When you buy a computer, I highly recommend you buy the French Canadian version. Out of the box, it will still let you pick any language you like as your main language; however, you will now have a qwerty keyboard with additional keys that make typing accents easier and more efficient. Have a regular keyboard [...]