Authentic L2 Communication via Mobile Games

I believe that students are more likely to be motivated to learn something when they have an authentic and immediate purpose for that learning. As a teacher of the French language in a geographical area with relatively few francophones, I have often wrestled with ways to have my students interact with native French speakers. We [...]

Design & Issue Badges with EduQuest

I run my Core French program using digital badges. It lets me present a wide range of learning options and then turn over my class to my students. They pick what badge they want to work towards, they work at their own pace, they collaborate or work independently, they are free to get feedback and [...]

The Power of Self-Regulation

This year, my students and I have been focusing on self-regulation in the technology lounge. It is one of six learning skills on the Ontario report card, which defines it as: Sets own individual goals and monitors progress towards achieving them. Seeks clarification or assistance when needed. Assesses and reflects critically on own strengths, needs, and interests. [...]

Badges: Why It’s Not About the Gamification For Me

Gamification can be a hot topic. It's certainly one of the latest educational tech buzz words. I am currently employing elements of gamification in my Core French and French Immersion classes. I use badges and the badges also are worth points, which accumulate over time. Despite this, I actually don't see gamification as an important [...]

My Favourite Tech Tool:

My favourite tech tool from last year was completely revamped during the summer. This post will recap some of what I learned while teaching with last year and explore some of the great new features now available for 2014-2015. This post is also part of the first #peel21st blog hop of the new school [...]

Mario Kart in the FSL Classroom

Playing games, both low and high tech, has long been an element in my FSL classroom. Sometimes, "game day" was something I used as a reward for hard work and good behaviour or the occasional change of pace; however, more recently, I have been experimenting with self-directed and centres-based learning and games have become just [...]