Classroom Tour 2014

I was so excited to head into my classroom this week and get it ready for the new school year. I love my extra large classroom. Click on the thumbnails to see the images full size and read the captions.


The panoramic view, looking towards the hallway.

I have some more furniture on order and I can’t wait until it arrives. Will post a classroom tour part 2 once it does!

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3 thoughts on “Classroom Tour 2014

  1. kimmeroo says:

    Another question for you (thanks)! Where did you get those black cushions that are stored on the shelf? I have picked up a couple of beanbag chairs and a long, cylindrical cushion that can be permanent fixtures, but that’s about all I can fit all the time. I’d live to have some small cushions that live on the shelves for students to grab, along with a clipboard, to work away from their desks. I’m looked at Sears, Walmart, and the Dollar Store, which pretty much taps out what’s in Sault Ste. Marie… But I’d order some online if I knew where to find them.

    • Ms. Armstrong says:

      Sorry for the delayed response! Those cushions were from the dollar store. They were $3 each. I can’t recall if I’ve seen them there lately or not, but I did buy them a couple years ago now so they may no longer be something they carry regularly.

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