Assistive Technology is not Cheating

This year I've taken on a new challenge in a new role as an Assistive Technology Resource Teacher. It's been incredible to be able to focus on the combination of two of my passions in teaching - special education and technology. I love the job and feel like it's what I was meant to do. [...]

Some of My Favourite Makerspace Supplies

I've been incorporating making into my classroom in the past few years. Some of my biggest challenges and one of the things I spent the most time on was sourcing different needed materials and supplies. Knowing what to get, what was the best buy, what works well with students - all things that took some [...]

Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose

During lunch today, I started painting. About five kids stayed inside instead of going out for recess cause they wanted to paint, too. Those 20 minutes were the most chill moments with these kids ever. I learned a ton about them as we talked and worked. When the other kids came back from recess, you [...]

Self-directed Learning in Grade 4

My goal this year has been to give students as much of an active role in their own education as possible. For 2-4 periods each day, students have the freedom to learn based on their own curiosities, interests, and strengths. It's an interesting shift as an educator because I'm consistently battling with myself on how best [...]

Classroom Tour 2016

Many have enjoyed my previous space - the tech lounge at Fairlawn PS. This year I am at a new school and teaching a grade four homeroom. My goal in moving to a homeroom has been to recreate the type of environment I had created in the tech lounge. Someplace that feels like "home", provides [...]

Play is Not a Four-Letter Word

What do you think of when you hear play? If a child were to tell you that they "played" at school, what would you think? How do our beliefs about play affect our educational system and the choices we make as educators about how we deliver the curriculum? How does that evolve over time? Play [...]

The End of Average

I was inspired by hearing Todd Rose's TEDx talk so much that I just had to get his book to read more. Over the past few days, I have devoured it and it really had reshaped how I look at the historical context of education, the findings of social sciences that I took for granted [...]