The Power of Self-Regulation

This year, my students and I have been focusing on self-regulation in the technology lounge. It is one of six learning skills on the Ontario report card, which defines it as: Sets own individual goals and monitors progress towards achieving them. Seeks clarification or assistance when needed. Assesses and reflects critically on own strengths, needs, and interests. [...]

Badges: Why It’s Not About the Gamification For Me

Gamification can be a hot topic. It's certainly one of the latest educational tech buzz words. I am currently employing elements of gamification in my Core French and French Immersion classes. I use badges and the badges also are worth points, which accumulate over time. Despite this, I actually don't see gamification as an important [...]

My Favourite Tech Tool:

My favourite tech tool from last year was completely revamped during the summer. This post will recap some of what I learned while teaching with last year and explore some of the great new features now available for 2014-2015. This post is also part of the first #peel21st blog hop of the new school [...]

Mario Kart in the FSL Classroom

Playing games, both low and high tech, has long been an element in my FSL classroom. Sometimes, "game day" was something I used as a reward for hard work and good behaviour or the occasional change of pace; however, more recently, I have been experimenting with self-directed and centres-based learning and games have become just [...]